Welcome to the new Rating Surveyors’ Association Membership Year! I am honoured to serve as your President.

It will be another busy year. Last year started with an appearance to give evidence in front of the Treasury Select Committee along with working on the Association’s response to the decap rate consultation in both England and Wales.  This year will be just as important, as we look forward to the Government’s fundamental review of business rates being led by HM Treasury coming of the back of the announcement of the postponement of the planned 2021 Rating Revaluation in England.

So, another busy start to an interesting year for the Association, especially as we are all in very difficult and trying circumstances for everyone as the entire country unites against the global pandemic of COVID-19.

We must not forget that amidst this difficult backdrop we have seen the new Rating Revaluation come into force in Northern Ireland on 1st April 2020, and as it stands currently, this is also the AVD for the planned 2022 Rating Revaluation in Scotland.

I also hope that members are continuing to find the revitalised website of benefit as it continues to bristle with news and features that hopefully enhance your experience of the Association. I believe it is hitting the mark with its purpose and objectives and we can now convey information to you much more quickly as it happens, as well has hosting lots of data, for example, on RSA committees under the new GPCR format. The website is essential, as we all adapt to a new lifestyle, working from home with virtual meetings.

As we all know, the rating system is at a uniquely challenging time for all, especially in like of the postponement of the 2022 Rating Revaluation. The Officers and Committee of the Association is doing all it can to continually work with Government, The Valuation Officer Agency/Assessors and Local Authorities to ensure that this system is fair and works for all with transparency and collaboration. There is a lot of work that the Association does in the background to aid this and I would reassure the membership that the committee is working tirelessly to improve the system that is currently causing such unrest. There is still a long way to go but it is important that we continue the good work done so far and build a system which is truly “easy, speedy and transparent” which benefits all.

Finally, we are a listening committee so I and the committee are always open to your suggestions, questions and concerns, and I hope that you will reach out to me in the coming year and let me know your thoughts and comments. Please send any of these to me at President@ratingsurveyorsassociation.org.

I wish you all, your family and friends well at this unprecedented time. Stay safe, stay strong and hopefully we will get to see more of each other face to face soon and thank you for your support.


Thomas Stratton