A Group Pre Challenge Review (GPCR) is the process that allows formal group discussions with the Valuation Office prior to a Ratepayer Challenge being submitted. The process will allow for similar discussions as to those undertaken by RSA Town Committees on previous Rating Lists. Given the requirements on agents for the provision of evidence in the Challenge stage under the CCA appeals system this is an important tool. Historically used for retail properties, the RSA and VOA wants to use GPCR under the CCA regime to allow discussions within other use classes. 

The links to the side allow RSA members to suggest or participate in GPCRs for properties where they have an interest. They must comply with the CCA procedures but each GPCR will allow an earlier and fuller exchange of information to facilitate consideration of the Rating List.

These pages therefore seek to put in place the structure for GPCRs on various property types. The RSA has set up small lead groups (group property co-oridinators) who will aim to populate through discussions with other agents, locations and property types where GPCRs could potentially be undertaken and assign an individual for each who will be the SPOC for this.

A SPOC is the ‘Single Point Of Contact’ with the Valuation Office for each GPCR and will coordinate the group, and communicate between the group and the VOA throughout the process. The SPOC must be either an appointed agent, owner or occupier for one of the properties included in the GPCR.

The SPOC is responsible for submitting the initial GPCR request form, agreeing the terms with the VOA and distributing declaration forms to each participant. Once the terms are set, the SPOC is responsible for accepting the terms on behalf of all properties in the GPCR, and informing all participating properties of their obligations in relation to terms and deadlines.

The Valuation Office guidance on the GPCR process can be found here:


If you are an RSA member and would either like to suggest a GPCR, be a SPOC or be involved in a GPCR either contact a member of the lead group or the allocated individual on the spreadsheet.