A Group Pre-Challenge Review (GPCR) is a mechanism through which appeals in England can be co-ordinated across similar property classes and/or locations. This allows the formal co-ordination of appeals between interested parties and a single Valuation Officer

Where a GPCR is to proceed, an individual needs to be assigned as the SPOC for this. A SPOC is the ‘Single Point Of Contact’ with the Valuation Office for each GPCR and will coordinate the group, and communicate between the group and the VOA throughout the process.

The SPOC is responsible for submitting the initial GPCR request form and agreeing the terms with the VOA. Check appeals are required to be served by the participants referencing the GPCR and the SPOC will then enter into discussions with the VOA. Once a decision is made by the VOA, the SPOC will be informed and any changes will be applied to subsequent Check appeals made. If there are any matters still in dispute Challenges can subsequently be served.

The Valuation Office guidance on the GPCR process can be found here: