All Members

↓SurnameFirst NameOrganisationSectorsAreas
WilsonGeorgeGerald EveOffices, RetailLondon
WiltshireRussellGL HearnFactories, Offices, Retail, WarehousesSouth West England, Wales, West Midlands
WinbourneNormanWinbourne Martin French
WinbourneJamesWinbourne Martin French
WisePDe Villiers Chartered Surveyors, LondonEducation, Factories, Health, Leisure and Hospitality, Motor Trade, Offices, Public Authority, Retail, WarehousesEast Anglia, East Midlands, London, North East England, North West England, Scotland, South East England, South West England, Wales, West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humberside
WithersJohnGVA Grimley
WittsHilaryColliers International
WoodStevenKBW Chartered Surveyors
WoollardJackFactories, WarehousesLondon
WoolnoughMichaelValaution Office AgencyEducation, Factories, Leisure and Hospitality, Offices, Retail, WarehousesSouth West England
WoolseyEmmaGerald Eve LLPFactories, Offices, Public Authority, Retail, WarehousesWest Midlands
WrightNickAltus Group